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Internationale KONFERENZEN 2009 (ARCHIV)
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1 Dezember 15-16 09: CULTURAL HERITAGE online, Florenz, Italien
The 2nd “CULTURAL HERITAGE online” conference will be hosted by Teatro della Pergola in Florence in December 2009. This conference aims to explore, analyze, and evaluate the state of the art and future trends in user communities and cultural contents on the web from an international perspective, and bring together academic researchers, policy makers and practitioners, providing a forum for the discussion and dissemination of the selected themes.
2 Dezember 2-4 09: 5th International Digital Curation Conference, London, UK
Moving to Multi-Scale Science: Managing Complexity and Diversity
3 November 16-18 09: 14. Internationale Tagung "Kulturelles Erbe und Neue Technologien", Wien, Österreich
Archiving is today central to nearly all aspects of Cultural Heritage Management.
Archives (Archaeological excavations, libraries, documents, data collections,...) are important data repositories.
The data contained in correctly treated and accessible archives makes wide and varied information available.
How can archiving in all its aspects best promote knowledge about and support the protection and conservation of cultural heritage?
4 November 12-13 09: Perspectives on Metadata. Digital Edition and Preservation, Wien, Österreich
The conference will investigate multiple approaches to metadata strategies and discuss how these can support digital edition and preservation projects.
5 November 11-13 09: EVA 2009 Elektronische Medien & Kunst, Kultur, Historie, Berlin, Deutschland
Museen, Bibliotheken und Archive sind heute die institutionellen Achsen einer weitgehend digital codierten Überlieferung. In Service, Forschung und Verwaltung erwidern sie die Anforderungen der modernen Informationsgesellschaft mit breitflächigem Einsatz elektronischer Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologien. Die 16. Berliner EVA-Konferenz bietet ein praxisnahes Diskussionsforum dieser neuen Vermittlungs- und Arbeitsinstrumente.
6 October 29-30 09: International UDC Seminar 2009, Den Haag, Niederlande
The "Classification at a Crossroads" conference will address the potential of classification, UDC in particular, in supporting information organization, management and resource discovery in the networked environment and will explore solutions for better subject access control and vocabulary sharing services.
7 Oktober 19-21 09: 2nd LIBER-EBLIDA Workshop on the digitization of library material in Europe, Den Haag, Niederlande
A joint workshop following up the LIBER-EBLIDA Workshop on the Digitisation of Library Material in Europe, held in The Royal Library, Copenhagen in 2007. The second edition will take place at the Royal Library of The Netherlands from 19 to 21 October 2009.
8 Oktober 5-6 09: iPres 2009: The Sixth International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects, San Francisco, USA
iPRES 2009 will be the sixth in the series of annual international conferences that bring together researchers and practitioners from around the world to explore the latest trends, innovations, and practices in preserving our scientific and cultural digital heritage.
9 Oktober 4-7 09: Joint BAAC and LCSA Annual Conference, Vilnius, Litauen
"Aggregation and Management of Audiovisual Content in the Digital Space"
10 September 27 - Oktober 2 09: 13th European Conference on Digital Libraries (ECDL 2009): Digital Societies, Korfu, Griechenland
The general theme of the conference is "Digital Societies".
11 September 20-25 09: IASA09, Athen, Griechenland
Towards a new kind of archive? The digital philosophy in audiovisual archives.
12 September 14-15 09: Europeana plenary 2009 "Creation, Collaboration & Copyright", Den Haag, Niederlande
Europeana is about ideas and inspiration. Europeana plenary 2009 "Creation, Collaboration & Copyright" will bring ideas and inspiration to the next level – it will explore different possibilities of content re-use, mash-up and APIs. The plenary will also address public domain and associated copyright issues.
13 September 8-11 09: International Conferences on Digital Libraries and the Semantic Web 2009 (ICSD2009), Universität von Trient, Italien
The goal is to facilitate the creation of digital library applications which could be brickstones of the semantic web.
14 August 23-27 09: 75th IFLA General Conference and Assembly "Libraries create futures: Building on cultural heritage", Mailand, Italien
Knowledge transmission today has radically changed: the scope of bibliography has widened immensely. Libraries therefore had to update their role: preservation and access are still the main points to be achieved, though in a new, critical and professional way, in order to assure the adequate standard of the service.
15 Juni 30 - Juli 3 09: Liber Annual Conference, Toulouse, Frankreich
The general theme of the conference is ‘Innovation through Collaboration’, and the conference itself will be innovative, offering a wide range of session's format: Plenary sessions, Break Out sessions, Current Issues, Master Classes, and Poster Sessions.
16 Juni 10-12 09: ELPUB 2009: 13th International Conference on Electronic Publishing, Mailand, Italien
The ELPUB 2009 conference will focus on key issues in e-communications, exploring dissemination channels, business models, technologies, methods and concepts.
17 Mai 7-9 09: Internationale Bibliothekskonferenz "A Library Policy for Europe", Wien
The overall purpose of the conference is to attract policy makers and stakeholders to help initiate a debate and dialogue on the concept of a library policy for Europe and what we might achieve together at a European level.
18 April 15-18 09: Museums and the Web 2009, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Museums and the Web addresses the social, cultural, design, technological, economic, and organizational issues of culture, science and heritage on-line.
19 April 6-7 09: IMPACT Conference 2009: OCR in Mass Digitisation, Den Haag, Niederlande
This conference will focus on exchanging views with other researchers and suppliers in the OCR field, as well as presenting some preliminary results from the first year of the IMPACT project.