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EU-PROJEKTE (Bereich: Europeana/Digital Libraries)
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1 APENET - EPA (Archival Portal of Europe)
APEnet (Archives Portal Europe) is a Best Practice Network project supported by the European Commission in the eContentplus programme and its objective is to build an Internet Gateway for Documents and Archives in Europe where twelve European National Archives in close cooperation with the EUROPEANA initiative will create a common access point to European archival descriptions and digital collections.
Project Duration: 2009-2012
2 Arrow (Accessible Registries of Rights Information and Orphan Works) *AT*
ARROW aims in particular to support the EC’s i2010 Digital Library Project by finding ways to identify rightholders, rights and clarify the rights status of a work including whether it is orphan or out of print.
Project Duration: 2008-2011
3 Athena (Access to cultural heritage networks across Europe )
ATHENA has the objectives to reinforce, support and encourage the participation of museums and other institutions coming from those sectors of cultural heritage not fully involved yet in Europeana; coordinate standards and activities of museums across Europe...
Project Duration: 2008-2010
4 BHL Europe *AT*
The libraries of the European natural history museums and botanical gardens collectively hold the majority of the world’s published knowledge on the discovery and subsequent description of biological diversity. However, digital access to this knowledge is difficult. The objective of the BHL-Europe project is to make available Europe’s biodiversity information to everyone by improving the interoperability of European biodiversity digital libraries.
Project Duration: 2009-2012
5 CACAO (Cross-language Access to Catalogues And On-line libraries)
CACAO offers an innovative approach for accessing, understanding and navigating multilingual textual content in digital libraries and OPACs, enabling European users to better exploit the available European electronic content.
Project Duration: 2007-2009
CARARE brings together heritage agencies and organisations, archaeological museums and research institutions and specialist digital archives from all over Europe to establish a service that will make digital content for Europe's unique archaeological monuments and historic sites interoperable with Europeana. It aims to add the 3D and Virtual Reality content to Europeana.
Project Duration: 2010-2013
7 DCA *AT*
Digitising Contemporary Art (DCA) is a 30-month digitisation project for contemporary art, i.e. art made after 1945 - a type of cultural heritage that is largely missing in Europeana. It comprises paintings, photographs, sculptures, installations, videos... DCA will create a digital corpus of high-quality reproductions of 26.921 artworks and 1.857 contextual documents.
Project Duration: 2011-2013
8 DISMARC (DIScovering Music ARChives) *AT*
DISMARC provides digital music audio to Europeana. Following the EU-funded project phase, DISMARC is now acting as aggregator of music audio for Europeana, Europe's virtual library.
Project Duration: 2006-2008
9 DPE (DigitalPreservationEurope) *AT*
DPE addresses the need to improve coordination, cooperation and consistency in current activities to secure effective preservation of digital materials.
Proejct Duration: 2006-2009
10 ECLAP (European Collected Library of Artistic Performance)
The European Collected Library of Artistic Performance (ECLAP) aims to create a considerable, and hitherto missing, online archive for all the performing arts in Europe, and providing solutions and tools to help performing arts institutions to enter the digital Europe by building a network of important European performing arts institutions and archives and publishing content collections on Europeana, the European Digital Library ( ).
Project Duration: 2010-2013
11 EFG (European Film Gateway) *AT*
Initiated by ACE (Association des Cinémathèques Européennes) and the EDL Foundation, the EFG project will develop a portal providing direct access to about 790,000 digital objects including films, photos, posters, drawings, sound material and text documents.
Project Duration: 2008-2011
12 ENRICH (Access to information about manuscripts and rare old printed books in Europe)
ENRICH is a targeted project funded under the eContent+ programme. Its objective is to provide seamless access to distributed digital representations of old documentary heritage from various European cultural institutions in order to create a shared virtual research environment especially for study of manuscripts, but also incunabula, rare old printed books, and other historical documents.
Project Duration: 2008-2010
13 Europeana v1.0 (Full service of *AT*
Europeana version 1.0 will bring the prototype to full service. In 2010 we will implement a new version of Europeana with added functionality and access to over 10 million digital objects.
The second phase of the project will see the launch in 2011 of a fully-operational with improved multilinguality and semantic web features.
Project Duration: 2009-2011
14 EuropeanaConnect (Delivering core components for EUROPEANA) *AT*
EuropeanaConnect is a Best Practice Network funded by the European Commission within the area of Digital Libraries of the eContentplus Programme.
Its overall objective is to deliver core components which are essential for the realisation of Europeana, the European Digital Library as a truly interoperable, multilingual and user-oriented service for all European citizens. EuropeanaConnect will also add the music dimension to Europeana by aggregating a critical mass of audio content.
Project Duration: 2009-2011
15 EuropeanaLibraries *AT*
Europeana Libraries is a 2-year project that will put 5 million digitised objects from 19 leading European research libraries online, including books, scientific papers, films and images.
Project Duration: 2011-2013
16 Europeana Regia
Europeana Regia is a collaborative project, which aims to create a European corpus of digitised, mostly illuminated manuscripts.These are testimonies of the circulation of texts and art in Europe in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. They focus on the beginning of European culture in the 8th century - the start of the Carolingian era. Europeana Regia will concentrate on 3 of the most important sets of Medieval and Renaissance manuscripts.
Project Duration: 2010-2012
17 EuropeanaTravel *AT*
EuropeanaTravel is a project funded by the European Commission within the area of Digital Libraries of the eContentplus Programme.
Its overall objective is to digitise content on the theme of travel and tourism to be made accessible via Europeana, the European digital library, museum and archive.
Project Duration: 2009-2011
18 EURO-Photo (Disclosing the European Library on common visual historical heritage)
The Euro-Photo project aims at digitising historical pictures from the archives of 10 leading European News Agencies and make them available to Europeana, together with a huge number of their historical pictures already digitalised. Pictures will be free of charge for educational or private use, duly taking into account IPR issues. An adequate resolution will be guaranteed to ensure satisfactory image quality to users, fully supporting in any case Europeana standards of quality.
Project Duration: 2010-2012
19 EUScreen *AT*
Building on EBU Core and open web standards EUscreen will work towards standardization and
provide the technical solutions needed to achieve interoperability between the audiovisual collections of Europe themselves and with Europeana in particular, for which EUscreen will deliver the audiovisual content.
Project Duration: 2009-2012
20 HOPE (Heritage of People's Europe) *AT*
HOPE is a Best Practice Network comprised of social history institutions across Europe, including archives, libraries and museums. It aims to improve access to the vast amount of highly significant but scattered digital collections on 19th and 20th century European social history.
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